Logic accessories in matte black and other new additions in the 2019 Cosmic Price List

Cosmic is proud to present the new price list for bathroom furniture, washbasins and accessories.

An ultra-matte black finish for Logic

One of the biggest new additions in the catalogue is the new matte black finish on stainless steel available on the Logic accessories collection. This brand-new, on-trend option is now available alongside the existing high-shine and matte stainless steel finishes, thus broadening the range of bathroom decoration choices available.

Cosmic has created a highly compact black coating on stainless steel through a process of electrophoresis, which is widely used in the automobile industry to protect bodywork. The Cosmic research and development team has managed to adopt this process, an innovation in the bathroom sector.

The new finish on Logic accessories is highly resistant to scratches and peeling. And the finish is completely uniform, which makes it smooth, consistent and pleasant to the touch.

The Grid sets


Another new development in the new price list is The Grid collection in furniture sets, plus washbasin, plus structure, all pre-assembled. This makes ordering easier, as each set has its own reference number.

Project and Bathlife

Finally, the Project collection now offers both soap dishes in chrome finish and the Bathlife collection has a new reference that includes the shelf and the dish.